Newick Village

Newick Parish Council: Policies and procedures

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Policies and Procedures

Date Document
30-Oct-2012 Code of Conduct
27-Jan-2015 Retention of Parish Records
28-Jul-2015 Village Hall Custodian Audit
27-Oct-2015 Bullying and Harassment at Work
27-Oct-2015 Equality Policy
27-Oct-2015 Illegal Working Policy
26-Jan-2016 Access over council-owned land
26-Jan-2016 Child Protection policy reviewed
26-Jan-2016 Flag Policy reviewed and updated
26-Jan-2016 Health and Safety Policy reviewed
26-Jan-2016 Memorial Seats
26-Jan-2016 Policy for reg. interests, gifts & hospitality adopted
26-Jan-2016 Portable Appliance Testing
26-Jan-2016 Procedure for Dealing with Enquiries
26-Jan-2016 Severe Weather Policy:Grit Bins
26-Apr-2016 FOI Policy Reviewed
30-Jun-2016 Statement of Training for Councillors and Clerk
26-Jul-2016 Policy Statement for Using Website
25-Oct-2016 Policy for Newick Green
07-Dec-2016 Co-option procedure
31-Oct-2017 Data Protection Policy
24-Apr-2018 Grant Awarding Policy
24-Apr-2018 Policy for signs on Newick Green
28-Aug-2018 Protocol on the Recording & Filming of Council & Committee Meetings
27-Nov-2018 Risk Management Policy
01-Mar-2019 Freedom Of Information
07-May-2019 Standing Orders - May 2019
14-May-2019 Press and Media Policy reveiwed May 2019
25-Jun-2019 Terms of Reference for Planning Committee
22-Jul-2019 Social Media Policy
31-Aug-2019 Complaints Procedure updated August 2019
31-Aug-2019 Policy for retention of parish records
30-Sep-2019 Procedure for handling correspondence
30-Sep-2019 Code of Conduct for the Clerk
30-Sep-2019 Terms of Reference: F and GP
30-Sep-2019 Emergency Plan Holding Document
29-Nov-2019 Capital Project Policy
29-Nov-2019 Procedure for death of Monarch or Senior member of Royal Family
01-Jan-2020 Bullying and Harassment at Work ( update)
01-Jan-2020 Illegal Working Policy (updated)
01-Jan-2020 Newick Parish Council Risk Assessment (revised)
01-May-2020 Press and Media Policy
01-May-2020 Financial Regulations
01-May-2020 Standing Orders
30-Jun-2020 Flag Policy Reviewed and updated 30 June
30-Jun-2020 Terms of Reference for the Combined Planning Committee
27-Jul-2020 Procedure for dealing with enquiries July 2020
28-Jul-2020 Village Hall Custodian Trusee Audit
28-Jul-2020 Newick Green Poilcy
28-Jul-2020 Conditions of Hire for KGVP or Mainwaring or Roberton Field
28-Jul-2020 Severe Weather Poicy: Grit Bins
28-Jul-2020 Portable Appliance testing review
28-Jul-2020 Policy for access to council-owned land reviewed
28-Jul-2020 Procedure for dealing with consultation requests
28-Jul-2020 Health Safety Policy Review
28-Jul-2020 Gifts and Hospitality
28-Jul-2020 Health Safety Policy
28-Jul-2020 Freedom of Information Scheme
28-Jul-2020 Freedom of Information Policy Review
28-Jul-2020 Co-option Procedure Reviewed